Wedding décor

Your Wedding, Your style

Mix and match décor to create the perfect atmosphere for your dream wedding. Each of our venues comes fully stocked with the items below. All items are free use except candles, which need to be ordered for each event. If we don't have what you'd like, you can ship it to us, bring it yourself, or hire an outside vendor!

Dried Flowers & Flower Vases Add a touch of color to your ceremony, reception and dinner

Phalaris & Strawflower Dried Fall Bouquet - 24"
Blue Dried Echinops Globe Thistles - 16-22"
Dried German Statice - 10-15"
Preserved Natural Gypsophila Flowers
Yellow Dried Garden Flower Wreath - 22"
Natural Dried Star Flowers - 12-20"
White Preserved Rodanthe Flowers - 22-28"
Air-Dried Globe Amaranth in Pink - 14-18"
White Natural Dried Tallow Berries - 6-8"
Red Dried Protea Repens - 7-12"
Dried Natural Yarrow Flowers - 18-24"
Dried Craspedia Billy Buttons - 18-26"
Pink Dried Echinops Globe Thistles - 18"
Burgundy Preserved Hanging Amaranthus
Bleached White Lunaria Dried Flowers - 25"
Plumosum Preserved Flowers - 8-20"
Cream Dried Larkspur Wildflowers - 23-26"
White Preserved Hanging Amaranthus - 40"
Green Amaranthus Hanging Flowers - 40"
Dried Chardon Thistles - 18-24"
Natural Dried Purple Statice Flowers - 24"
Fragrant Dried Lavender Bundle - 6-14"
Dried Santa Cruz Oregano - 18-22"
Dried Grass and Echinops Hoop Wreath - 18"
Mixed Dried Flower Bouquet - 14-24"
Pink Misty Dried Marcela Star Flowers - 11.5"
Mini Dried Poppy Pods - 12-24"
Dried African Sunflowers - 12-15"
Petite Dried Flower Bundle in Blue - 8-16"
Light Blue Preserved Full Bloomed Hydrangea
Bleached White Dried African Sunflowers
Purple Dried Larkspur Wildflowers - 20"
Larkspur and Daisy Dried Bouquet - 14-18"
Natural Dried Queen Anne's Lace
Dried Eryngium Sea Holly Flowers - 15-22"
Vanilla Cream Helichrysum Daisies
Petite Dried Flower Bundle - 6-12"
Mixed Dried Flowers Bundle - 14-24"
Mixed Bouquet of Dried Flowers - 14-24"
Dried Pink Helichrysum Everlasting Daisies
Petite Mauve Dried Flower Bundle - 6-16"
Natural Solidago Goldenrod Dried Flowers
Deep Pink Dried Everlasting Daisies
Sola Wood Lavender Handmade Flowers
Petite Green & Neutral Bouquet of Dried Flowers
Bleached White Preserved Gypsophila Flowers
Petite Colorful Pastel Bouquet of Dried Flowers
White Concrete Konos Vase - 10.75"
Afloral Natural White Clay Jug Vase - 14"
Watertight Black Branch Vase - 13"
Natural Paulownia Wood Tray Trough - 36"
Dotted Stoneware Bud Vases - 3.4-4.75"
White Compote with Matching Candle Holders
Clear Glass Cylinder Vase - 7.75"
Beige Mini Ceramic Bud Vase - 5"
Glass Hobnail Jar in White - 7.5"
Diamond Cut Vase - 12"
Clear Glass Vase with Gold Rim - 8"
Rough Wooden Vases

Eucalyptus, Grasses, & Palms Decorate your venue with an assortment of dried grasses, preserved eucalyptus, and pampas grass

Gold Dried Plume Reed Grass - 36-40"
Cayenne Red Preserved Spiral Eucalyptus - 19-24"
Dried Large Natural Fan Palms - 26-30"
Bleached Cream Palm Spears - 15-22"
Off-White Ornamental Feather Grass - 8-12"
Natural Dried Vine Wreath - 20"
Sea Blue Dried Bunny Tails - 22-30"
Preserved Burgundy Plume Reed Grass - 36"
Blue Grey Dried Bunny Tails - 22-30"
Light Blue Dried Bunny Tails - 18-28"
Bleached White Pampas Grass - 40-48"
White Dried Bunny Tails - 18-28"
Bleached White Dried Palm Spears - 14-20"
Preserved Greenery Asparagus Fern - 22-34"
Natural Skinny Pampas Grass - 38-42"
Bleached White Sun Palms - 14-20"
Blue Dried Pampas Grass - 40-48"
Blue Dried Palm Spear - 14-16"
Dried Pearl Millet Grass - 24-28"
Preserved Plume Reed Grass - 34-38"
Bright Green Preserved Reindeer Moss
Preserved Salal Leaves - 6-10"
Purple Preserved Salal Leaves - 12-20"
Preserved Burgundy Seeded Eucalyptus 22"
Dried Flax Grass - 18-25"
Natural Red Dried Rose Hip Pod Branches
Desert Pink Sun Palms - 18-24"
Natural Green Dried Bunny Tails - 6-16"
Preserved Green Wild Grass - 45-55"
Smooth Tan Pampas Grass - 25-30"
Skinny Grapevine Twig Wreath - 17"
Fragrant Juniper Branches 12-20"
5' - 6' Tall Curly Willow Branches
Orange Preserved Eucalyptus Bundle - 24"
Dried Natural Pampas Grass - 40-48"
Preserved Coastal Dune Grass - 36"
Dried Indian Rice Grass - 22-28"
Preserved Green Buxifolia Foliage - 18"
Dried Bleached Cream Bell Cups - 19-19.5"
Dried Conical Gum Eucalyptus Pods - 10"
Natural Dried Bunny Tail - 18-28"
Dried Bunny Tails in Walnut - 22-30"
Natural Pine Cones - 3-5"
Terracotta Sun Palms - 14-20"
Natural Sun Palms - 14-20"
Green Sun Palms - 14-20"
Bleached White Dried Ruscus Leaves - 24-36"
Natural Mini Palm Spears - 16-22"
Sandblasted Manzanita Branch - 34-38"
Dried Hoary Willow Branches - 20-30"

Table Linens & Napkins Candle sets and linens to set the mood for celebration. Linen colors include napkin, table cloth, and organza runners

Arctic White Linens
Jet Black Linens
Pebble Grey Linens
Natural Cream Linens
Forest Green Linens
Royal Blue Linens
Oxford Blue Linens
Heather Blue Linens
Cornfield Gold Linens
Honeycomb Gold Linens
Poppy Red Linens
Merlot Red Linens
Heather Blue Linens
Rose Blush Linens
Purple Iris Linens
Cocoa Linens
Cinnamon Linens
Sage Green Linens
Blossom Pink Linens
Sicilian Lemon Linens
Summer Lavender Linens
Olive Linens
Coral Linens
Mandarin Orange Linens
Cambridge Blue Linens
Cheesecloth, Linen, or Burlap Table Runners

Plates, Glasses, Silverware Create the Perfect Place Settings - Mix and Match Styles & Colors

Silver Plated Flatware
Faux Wood Flatware
Vintage Gold Flatware
Minimal Flat Silverware
Woven Hyacinth Charger
Wooden Octagon Charger
Wood Slab Charger
Brass Charger
White Modern Porcelain Dinner Plates
Charcoal Modern Porcelain Dinner Plates
Clean White Plates
Gold Rimmed Dinner Plates
Silver Swirl Dinner Plates
Gold Rimmed Glassware
Platinum Rim Glassware
Flared Glassware
Cylinder Glassware

Tables, Chairs, Backdrops Organize your ceremony and reception

Padded White Chairs
Padded Wooden Chairs
Circular Backdrop
Point Backdrop
4 Pillar Arch
Wooden Tables
Seats 8/16/24
Large Circular Tables Seats 8