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Professionals to create your dream wedding Use our team or hire your own

We’ve done our best to give you the tools and experts you need to both plan and celebrate your wedding successfully. In addition to the services below, we provide full service and bartending staff for your wedding and rehearsal celebrations. Questions? Just ask!

Free Photographer

We includes 5 days of “secondary” photography at zero cost – capturing candid moments each day that other photographers aren’t around for. We do recommend getting a primary photo vendor for your wedding day to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Free Wedding Planner

Book calls, ask questions, or chat with your wedding planner as much as you’d like. The entire planning process is mapped out so you’ll be able to watch real-time as your wedding moves from a simple plan to the best day of your life.​

Free Guest Concierge

Your guest concierge is a helpline for your guests – answering any questions, concerns, or requests so you don’t have to answer the same question more than once. Your guests can call, text, or message your concierge anytime they need something or have a question.

Free Flowers / Décor

We’ve got a wide selection of greenery, accents, tableware, linens, and dried flowers that can be used for your wedding at zero cost. See the “Décor” page for more.

Hair & Makeup

Depending on the location, our spa staff may be able to provide professional makeup and hair services on your wedding day for an additional fee.

Outside Vendors

You’re welcome to hire and bring in any outside vendor (catering excluded). We have partnered with a select number of local vendors for each venue that you can browse and hire on the app.

Interested in becoming an approved Off Path vendor?

Send your portfolio and website to vendors@offpathvenues.com for consideration.

Current Promotion

Book now for free beer and wine for you and all your guests

*Wedding day only. Ultra-premium selections not included. Limited time offer.