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Off Path is your all-in-one place for planning, organizing, and hosting your dream wedding without the cost. From the destination and decorations to the registry, entertainment, photography, food, drinks, cake, and more, you can do it all with the help of our full-time team of wedding planners and innovative event tools.

How do we do it?


Most weddings include dozens of vendors and service providers – each charging separate, often extremely high prices for their services. In addition to paying for your venue, food, drinks, decorations, flowers, entertainment, invitations, and more, your guests must also pay for travel, hotels, gifts, time off work, and food/drinks before and after the wedding.


Off Path provides everything you need, which means we can consolidate costs and provide amazing value at a price you and your guests won’t be able to believe. In short, you’ll end up paying almost nothing, your guests will end up saving hundreds of dollars, and you’ll both get the vacation of a lifetime.

According to Brides American Wedding Study, the Average Cost of a Wedding in 2018 was over $44,000

Want to see how much Off Path could save you?

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*Many locations have up to 60 or 80 rooms with a 200 person max capacity
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What you'll get for free


Venue & Reception

(Save $4-13k)

Wedding Meals

(Save $3-10k)

Wedding Beer/Wine

(Save $1-3k)

Signature Drink

(Save $500+)

Wedding Planner

(Save $2-10k)

Paper Invitations

(Save $500+)

Shuttle Service

(Save $2k+)

Guest Concierge

(Save $2k+)

Photo Booth

(Save $500+)

Wedding Cake

(Save $600+)

Additional Credits and Benefits

Photographer Credits

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Entertainment Credits

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Flowers/Decore Credits

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Hair/Makeup Credits

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Health/Fitness Credits

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*Only vendors in our featured partners program qualify for credits (1,000+ options)

**"Credits" is the amount of your bill that we will pay for you

***all numbers above are estimates

Planning Your Wedding


We know just how much time and effort goes into organizing the perfect wedding, which is why we’ve hired full-time wedding planners and guest concierge at each locations to take care of all the heavy lifting for you.


After sending your deposit, we’ll reach out to schedule a time to discuss details with your wedding planner – including special requests, customizations, unique decorations, flowers, activities, meals (we can make just about anything), wedding cake options, schedules, and other details of your wedding. Your wedding planner will always be just a call or email away and will help you organize your entire wedding at no cost.


Your guest concierge will be the primary contact person and help-line for your guests – answering any questions, concerns, requests, and issues that your guests may have. Your guests can call, text, or message your concierge at anytime, which means that you can spend more time enjoying and relaxing during the wedding planning process instead of being overwhelmed with repeated guest questions (it’s very common!).

Reservation Deposit
Meet Your Planner
Setup Registry
Scheduling & Activities
Décor, Food, Drink, Music
Guest and Party Lists

Your Wedding Website


After meeting your wedding planner, we’ll start building a webpage with all the details of your wedding so your guests can reserve their rooms, book activities, contribute to your registry, send special gifts, explore the venue, see what activities are available at each location, choose wedding day meals, and get everything reserved for your big day. The webpage includes communication tools so that you can remind guests to register, send updates, notify them of schedule changes, or start discussions about activities and special events.

Your Wedding Registry


In addition to acting like a traditional gift registry, you may also add additional vendor expenses to your registry to lower your expenses to zero (Photographers, videographers, floral, makeup, etc) or let guests contribute to on-site group activities like tours, excursions, family meals, and more!

Deposit Refunds & Vendor Credits


When you’re ready, we’ll send out digital and/or premium paper invitations to all your guests. They’ll be able to RSVP through the webpage or in the traditional way by mailing back RSVP cards in the mail. The sooner they book their stay, the more money they’ll save and the faster you’ll get your refund. For each guest that books a room, we’ll send you a portion of your initial deposit back – up to your entire deposit. Up to 50% of your deposit can be earned and paid back to you before the wedding date, but at least 50% is held until after your event is finished (in-case of damages).


In addition to earning your deposit back, we’ll also add vendor credits for each guest that books. These credits will cover a portion of your bill for photographers, videographers, florists/decorations, entertainment/music, and more. We’re also providing bride/groom health credits that can be redeemed at a local gym, yoga studio, or spa to help you physically and mentally feel your best on your wedding day.

Your Wedding – 5 Days of Bliss


The minute you arrive at your wedding location we’ll be there to help every step of the way. You and your partner will stay in our unique wedding suite free of charge (private and away from the other accommodations); you’ll have special extra large domes for both wedding parties to get ready and hangout; and everyone will have access to 24/7 food and drink at our restaurants and bars.


Check-in is quick and easy with our card ID system. Each card not only grants guests access to their rooms, but allows them to keep wallets and purses locked up while they’re here. The cards include a cashless spending system that tracks all their purchases (food, drinks, activities, etc…) and allows them to pay all at once before they leave (or prepay for a discount). This is not only more convenient, but reduces lost items and enables easy tracking and budgeting while you’re here.


Free Shuttles – airport and local pickups are complimentary using our shuttles and vans. We’ll get you where you need to go when you’d like to go – no need to waste money on rental cars or driving yourself.


Free childcare and babysitters are available for you and your guests on your wedding day. Parents can relax and enjoy themselves and check on their kids as needed – they’ll be just a few yards away the entire time.


Each room includes lockboxes to secure valuables when you’re not around. We also include on-site, 24/7 security and a nurse with each reservation at no charge.

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