Amazing locations, unlimited adventure, simple pricing

Your Dream Wedding Without Limitations

Our unique wedding retreats enable anyone to have their dream wedding at a fraction of the cost. We've completely reimagined what a wedding should be and have built spaces from the ground up to make your celebration not just the highlight of your life, but an experience your guests will never forget.

No need to compromise

Everything you need in one place

For couples looking for more than an expensive, one day wedding at a generic venue, Off Path Venues provides private wedding retreats in the world's most beautiful places.

Unlike traditional venues that restrict couples with limited time, expensive vendors, and a difficult planning process, Off Path provides everything you need for a stress free, dream wedding at a simple price. All bookings include 5 day use of the private property, free wedding planners, full-time photographers, chef prepared meals, beautiful views in every direction, and up to 80 private rooms within walking distance of restaurants, bars, spas and adventure.


Your own private wedding retreat with everything you need for fun, food, and relaxation

Most weddings include dozens of vendors and service providers – each charging separate, often extremely high prices for their services. Off Path provides almost everything - drastically consolidating costs and provide amazing value at a price you and your guests won’t be able to believe.

Wedding Retreats
Relax at Off Path

Exclusive wedding retreats for you and your guests

Bring your guests, we'll do the rest

Off Path Venues operates on a simple model - if our rooms are full, we're happy to help pay the bill for everything else. From free wedding day photography to drinks and chef-prepared meals at cost, you shouldn't have to pay a fortune for a single day event. Now you can have a 5 day celebration, family reunion, and relaxing retreat with the people you love most for just pennies on the dollar.

Meals and Drinks

Wedding day meals appetizers, and drinks are provided at wholesale cost (what we pay suppliers) - we even include a signature drink for free!

Wedding Planner

Free on-site wedding planner and guest concierge to ensure that the planning process and day of your celebration is worry and stress free.

photography off path venues


Off Path provides a full-time photographer for free. We recommend using them as a secondary photographer - capturing small moments & the days your vendors miss.

No Rental Fees

No rental fees for anything – we've got premium lights, tables, chairs, sound system, decorations, and everything else you need to celebrate like a Rockstar.

Fun Extras

You'll also get photo booths, lawn games, baby sitting, bonfires, and other fun activities for you and your guests to enjoy at no cost! (extras vary by location)

Welcome to the village

Everything you need within walking distance - fun, food, drinks, and more

Off Path wedding retreats are equipped with multiple restaurants, bars, and cafes. We serve the best locally sourced ingredients we can get our hands on and can customize menus depending on what you’d like served. Since a chef is on-site at every location, we can make just about anything you’d like if you let us know in advance. Otherwise we’re proud to serve a locally sourced, seasonal menu throughout the year.


Each Off Path Venue is equipped with a professional kitchen led by an executive chef. We take great care to serve amazing food, drinks, and snacks throughout your stay.

Off Path Venues Bar


Off Path bars are the best places to hangout and enjoy a drink with old friends. In the morning we serve an amazing brunch spread - including mimosas and a Bloody Mary bar.

Off Path Venues Spa


Visit our spas for full-service relaxation, saunas, and hot tubs with a view. Join morning yoga, workouts, or a sunrise hike to get moving before a fun day with friends and family.

Adventure Center

Off Path retreats are surrounded by adventure. Explore on your own or book an activity with one of our professionals for rock climbing, scuba, fishing, rafting, hiking, and more.


Layout and relax at one of our overlook vistas to enjoy the views we're famous for. Located both in the village and around the property, you won't want to miss out on a single sunrise/sunset.

Wedding Referrals

Beautiful spaces, amazing views

Unbelievable Scenery for your Ceremony & Celebrations

We've taken special care to reserve the best locations on our properties for your wedding day. While each location has a central ceremony space designed to compliment the surrounding landscape, you can also choose to have your ceremony outdoors - whether by the water, on a mountain vista, on the beach, or wherever you'd like. If bad weather moves in, we're ready to move your celebration inside to keep you and your guests warm and dry. Most locations also have a small Christian chapel that can be used for ceremonies.

Wedding Venues Campfire

Celebrate the night away

Intimate reception areas designed for entertaining & fun

After your ceremony, your guests can head over to the reception area for the evening. Our large venue domes are designed to make it feel like you're still outside (i.e. huge windows with breathtaking views) but with all the comforts of a professional event space. Multiple bars, viewing decks, professional sound system, dance floor, photo booths, and more will ensure that it's the party of a lifetime. Arrange tables and decorate however you'd like - your wedding planner and our staff will do our best to bring your vision to life.

Wedding Retreat Meal

Chef Prepared Meals from local, sustainable sources

Plate Perfect Meals

All Off Path wedding couples get their choice of wedding day meals prepared by our on-site chef. This includes appetizers throughout the evening and a wonderful dinner selection – everything from locally sourced fish and meat to vegan options. Whether you want filet mignon or a freshly picked salad from our gardens, we have standard options to choose from or we can make your favorite dishes from scratch. See the example menus below for an idea of what we can create.

Beer & Wine

Our local distributors can get us just about anything with enough notice, but we always have an assortment of local beer, wine, and top-shelf spirits for a truly unique event.

Signature Drink

Mix and Match spirits and the best ingredients to make a cocktail that will always remind you of your wedding night. If preferred, we can create a non-alcoholic drink too.


Led by an executive chef, our restaurant teams ensure that food & drink are served exactly when you'd like and cleaned up just as fast. Amazing service is what we do best!


From wedding cakes to gelato and cobbler bars or smores by the bonfire, we'll satisfy any sweet tooth with homemade creations worthy of your wedding day and late night celebrations.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Enjoy complimentary non-alcoholic drinks all evening. Off Path offers Coca Cola products, sparkling and still water, freshly squeezed fruit juices, coffee/espresso, and other beverages.

Wedding Retreat Planner

The Ultimate Planning, Guest management, & communication TOol

Save Money & Time, Celebrate More

The Off Path wedding app was designed to do it all - planning, booking, vendors, activities, menu selection, music selection, guest invites, real time guests updates (notifications/text messaging), website creation, and more. With a simple to use interface, you'll be able to do everything in one place.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Planner

Book calls, ask questions, or chat with your wedding planner as much as you'd like. The entire planning process is mapped out so you'll be able to watch real-time as your wedding moves from a simple plan to the best day of your life.

Wedding Guest Concierge

Guest Concierge

Your guest concierge is the primary helpline for your guests – answering any questions, concerns, or requests so you don't have to answer the same question more than once. Your guests can call, text, or message your concierge at anytime.

Planning App


Send updates, scheduling changes, or activity invites to individuals, groups, or your entire guest list in real-time. Set text/mobile notifications so that your guests are reminded of the most important events before they happen.

Wedding Venues Website


We'll design a beautiful webpage where your guests can review the master schedule, reserve their rooms, book activities, contribute to your registry, explore the venue, book activities, choose their meals, and contact the concierge.

Wedding Registry


In addition to traditional gifts, you can also add vendor expenses to your registry to lower costs to zero (Photo, video, floral, etc) or let guests contribute to on-site group activities like tours, excursions, family meals, and more!

We'll take care of everything

5 Days of Bliss

The minute you arrive at your wedding location we’ll be there to help. You and your fiancé will stay in our unique wedding suite free of charge (private and away from other accommodations); you’ll have extra large domes for both wedding parties to get ready and hangout; and everyone will have access to food and drink at our restaurants and bars.

Check-in is quick and easy with our app-based arrival system. Your wedding app will also enable guests to access their rooms, buy food/drink, and book activities.

Hotel comfort with unbelievable views

Glamping Dome Accommodations

Off Path venues offers multiple accommodation types for our guests. Our unique dome structures provide more space, amazing views, and hold up better against mother nature in cold, heat, rain, and wind. Each location includes both budget oriented rooms and suites for larger groups and families. Modern bathrooms, luxury bedding, a large sky window for star gazing, and fireplaces are standard in all rooms. Reserve early to ensure you get a room that meets your budget and preference*.

*Not all standard and deluxe accommodations have handicap accessible bathrooms. You can hold these rooms for particular guests in advance if needed.

Dome Glamping


  • Small bathroom and shower
  • Queen bed w/ luxury linens
  • Loft with full sized mattress (perfect for kids or singles)
  • Chairs and table
  • Small fireplace
  • Nature view
Wedding Venues Guest Accommodations small


  • Larger living area
  • Spacious bathroom and shower
  • Queen bed w/ luxury linens + queen loft
  • Chairs and table
  • Transparent roof for stargazing
  • Fireplace
Wedding Venues Guest Accommodations


  • Double the space
  • Luxury bathroom
  • King bed w/ luxury linens
  • Queen loft
  • Sitting area with tables, chairs, and furniture
  • Transparent roof for stargazing
  • Fireplace
  • Couch with pullout (full)
Wedding Venues Guest Accommodations suite
Off Path Venue Views

Honeymoon Suite

  • Enjoy the largest and most luxurious accommodation that Off Path provides. Located away from the rest of the village for the utmost privacy, you’ll be able to enjoy your time at Off Path with peace, quiet, and amazing views. 

Wedding Venues Guest Accommodations Honeymoon
Off Path Venues Experience
Wedding Photographers

Onsite Photographers

Capture the moments most wedding photogarphers miss

Off Path includes a full-time photographer at zero cost - documenting moments throughout your wedding week that your primary photo/video professionals either miss or aren't around for. This means that from the very first moment you arrive at Off Path Venues, you'll be able to capture every special memory - not just the big events on your wedding day.

The vacation of a lifetime

Adventure around every corner

Each wedding retreat is surrounded by some of the most exciting and beautiful areas in the world. From touring National Parks, shopping in local towns, or exploring the wilderness while hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, rock-climbing, boating, or on horseback, your five day wedding will be jam packed with fun for everyone. Book guided activities or head out on your own - it's up to you!

4 Day Wedding retreat Pricing

So what does it cost?

Our simple pricing structure makes it easy for you and your fiancé to stay within your budget. When 80% or more of our rooms are full, we'll even waive the second half of your venue fee. We'll decorate, cook, bartend, serve, DJ/manage the music, and cleanup at zero additional cost.

Venue Fees

$2,499-$7,999 booking fee (10-80 rooms).
A second $2,499-$7,999 payment is due 10 days before your wedding if less than 80% guest rooms are booked. No second payment is required if 80% or more of guest rooms are reserved.
10 Rooms - $2,499 if 8+ rooms booked ($4,999 if less than 8 rooms reserved)
20 Rooms - $3,499 if 16+ rooms booked ($6,999 if less than 16 rooms reserved)
30 Rooms - $4,499 if 24+ rooms booked ($8,999 if less than 24 rooms reserved)
40 Rooms - $5,499 if 32+ rooms booked ($10,999 if less than 32 rooms reserved)
50 Rooms - $6,499 if 40+ rooms booked ($12,999 if less than 40 rooms reserved)
60 Rooms - $6,999 if 48+ rooms booked ($13,999 if less than 48 rooms reserved)
70 Rooms - $7,499 if 56+ rooms booked ($14,999 if less than 56 rooms reserved)
80 Rooms - $7,999 if 64+ rooms booked ($15,999 if less than 64 rooms reserved)

Included in all Reservations

Signature Cocktails: $0
Bartending & Service Staff: $0
Small Wedding Cake: $0
Late Night Bonfire Smores: $0
Soda, Juice, Coffee Station: $0
DJ/Music Manager: $0
Tables, Chairs, Place Settings, etc: $0
Photo Booth: $0
Outdoor deck setup (including heaters): $0
Lawn games: $0
Full-time Photographer: $0
Premium Suite for Bride and Groom: $0
Bridal Party Prep Rooms: $0
All wedding retreat Bookings Include Free Date Changes - subject to availability.

Frequently Asked Questions


Requiring 5 day reservations enables us to fill our calendar in the most efficient way possible and offer low prices on all our services. For the time being, we are unable to accommodate shorter events. You may double book an event (10 days)

Our restaurants and bars serve a variety of food options for our guests – from local specialties to kids menus, vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, and keto options. Couples are able to request special meals for their wedding day – basically anything you’d like.

Unfortunately, due to state alcohol laws and liability reasons, you and your guests may not bring alcohol with you to our properties.

No. Due to fire hazards on-site and throughout the surrounding natural areas, fireworks are strictly forbidden at Off Path Venues.

Each Off Path location is equipped with 50-300mbps satellite internet – more than enough for video conferencing and other high bandwidth tasks. Some of our locations also fall within cellphone tower range, but most are completely without cell phone access. Ask your cell phone provider to enable calling over wifi so that you’re always connected. 

Each room is locked with a steel framed door and electronic locking system and includes lockboxes to secure valuables when you’re not around.

Each location also has on-site, 24/7 security and is not open to the public.


Off Path Venues provides 100% refunds for cancellations more than 60 days prior to your scheduled wedding. Refunds are not provided within 60 days of your wedding. Refunds are not available after making a date change. 

If you booked your wedding using a coupon/reference code, there may be a $500 cancellation fee assessed to your account. 

Option 1: If you reserve too many rooms and find out later that there are many rooms that will be unfilled, you can release those rooms to be reserved by other wedding parties in 5 room increments (some times there can be some overlap for smaller weddings, but we’ve built each location so that each area is pretty contained. In other words, you won’t see much of other wedding guests/parties). 
If the rooms are released 6+ months prior to your wedding then they won’t count towards your total…even if they remain empty. You’ll receive a pro-rated credit on your deposit amount to be applied towards other wedding costs like food/drink.
If the rooms are released less than 6 months prior to your booking date and rooms are booked/reserved by another wedding, then you’re off the hook and they will not count as empty rooms when waiving your second payment. If they remain empty, they will still count as empty rooms for your reservation.
If you have the opposite problem and need more rooms, then it really depends on our availability during that time. If we have extra room blocks that aren’t reserved, then of course you can add them to your reservation in 5 room increments (with additional pro-rated deposit). Even if we are booked full, we usually have 1-3 rooms available. It’s not a guarantee so you’d have to ask your wedding planner before counting on it. If not, then you’d have to use option 2.
Option 2: Generally speaking, our locations don’t have many other accommodation options nearby but there are usually a few Airbnbs or vacation homes in the area. For guests staying elsewhere, they are able to attend your wedding at no cost. They would need to be on the guest list to get past the front gate and would not be eligible for any promotions.
The biggest issue here is convenience for your guests…they would have to drive in or you’d have to hire our shuttle to go pick them up and drop them off. Depending on the location, this will often cost guests quite a bit more and entail a long, winding drive late at night. 
We recommend making your initial reservation on the higher end to cover max guest amounts, and then once your guest list is finalized and save the dates are sent, you can change your guest room reservations down to what you actually need before the 6 month cutoff.

Examples of Appetizers:

  • Stuffed endive with Roquefort cheese, topped with chopped walnuts
  • Roasted new potatoes with dill cream and golden caviar
  • Spinach dip with toasted pita triangles
  • Wild mushroom tartlets
  • Artichoke mousse puffs
  • Melon wrapped in prosciutto
  • Miniature reuben sandwiches
  • Spanakopita (spinach and Feta in phyllo pastry)
  • Smoked salmon canapes topped with capers and fresh dill
  • Seafood dip with sliced French bread
  • Miniature crab cakes
  • Antipasti display (buffalo mozzarella, grilled eggplant, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, vine-ripened tomatoes, kalamata olives, and bread sticks)
  • Smoked salmon display (sliced salmon served with chopped onion, lemon slices, capers, cucumber-dill sauce, and assorted dark breads)
  • Pasta station (ravioli with roasted red-pepper sauce; bow tie pasta with Gorgonzola cream sauce)


And much, much more….Let us know what you love!

Examples of wedding day meals:

  • Vegetarian Vegetable and Couscous Salad
  • Filet Mignon With Green Beans
  • Barbecue Favorites: Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese and Biscuits
  • Fajita and Taco Bar
  • Wood-Fired Family-Style Pizza Dinner
  • Family-Style Fall Vegetable and Fennel Salad
  • Broiled salmon and seasoned with bread crumbs, garlic, lemon, and butter
  • Tuscan garden salad
  • Bouquet of fresh seasonal vegetables and golden fried potato croquette
  • Barbecue beef brisket
  • Pork spareribs
  • Carving station (Asian flank steak and Cajun-rubbed turkey breast served with cranberry-mango chutney and assorted rolls)


And much, much more….Let us know what you love!

Welcome to Off Path Venues!

Book your venue by June 11th 2022 and choose between a free wedding dinner or free wine & beer for you and all your guests!*

*Wedding day only. Ultra-premium beer, wine, and cuts of meat/fish not included. Served until 11pm.