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5 Day Wedding Retreats in the World's Most Beautiful Places

Private 80 Room Wedding Retreats | Complimentary Planners & Photographers | Half Price Drinks and Chef Prepared Meals | Beautiful Views in Every Direction

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Unlike any other place on earth

What your wedding was meant to be

For couples looking for more than an expensive, one day wedding at a generic venue, Off Path Venues provides private wedding retreats in the world's most untouched, wild places. Led by some of the world's leading designers and industry experts, we've reimagined what the perfect wedding should look like for both you and your guests. This means more time with your friends and family, an easier planning process, lower costs, and an experience that simply blows away traditional wedding venues.

5 days to relax, explore, and celebrate

The best vacation of their lives,
for the most important day of yours

The best vacation of their lives, for the most important day of yours

We believe that your wedding celebration should last for more than just a few hours. With standard 5 day, 4 night reservations, you’ll be able to reconnect with friends and family over several days while enjoying and exploring one of the world’s most beautiful places. For your guests it won’t just be another wedding to attend, but an amazing vacation, family reunion, and celebration all-in-one.


Off Path Venues combines City comfort with wild adventures

Restaurants, bars, spas, and luxury accommodations - with amazing views from every room

Off Path is your own private village with up to 80 rooms and everything you and your guests need to relax and explore. Each glamping-style accommodation includes all the comforts of a luxury hotel room – private bathrooms with shower, fast Wi-Fi, gas fireplace, giant bay windows with amazing views, transparent ceilings for stargazing, luxury bedding, security safe, and more. From single rooms to large suites and multi-room family units, everyone will feel right at home.

Wedding Photographers

Adventure around every corner

Relax, Discover, Explore

Each Off Path village is surrounded by some of the most beautiful, adventure filled natural environments on earth. From National Parks, rugged coastline, and mountain tops with incredible views, your days will be filled with excitement and exploration. Of course, if you'd rather relax at the spa, head into the local town, or just hangout and do nothing that's fine too!

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Off Path Venues
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Leave the stress behind

Planning has never been so exciting

Each booking includes complete access to our on-site wedding planners and guest concierge at no cost. With the help of our comprehensive planning tools and mobile app, you'll be able to customize and create your perfect wedding down to the last detail without the stress and effort required at other venues.

Don't break the bank

Simple Pricing with Everything You Need

Your wedding deserves to be a beautiful celebration, but it shouldn’t empty your savings or delay starting a family. Off Path Venues charges a single booking fee and includes dozens of services at no cost – saving the average couple around $14,000.