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Your wedding shouldn't cost a fortune

Now it Doesn't
Cost a Thing

Your wedding deserves to be a beautiful celebration, but it shouldn’t empty your savings or delay starting a family. Since Off Path Venues provides accommodations, food, and entertainment for your entire guest list, we’re happy to provide a free venue, chef-prepared meals, open bar, wedding planner, and other services on your wedding day – saving the average bride and groom between $10k-40k.

The best vacation of their lives

For the Most Important Day of Your Life

Your wedding celebration should last for more than just a few hours. With a standard 5 day reservation, you’ll be able to reconnect with friends and family over several days while enjoying and exploring one of the world’s most beautiful places. For your guests, it won’t just be another wedding to attend, but an amazing vacation at a fraction of the cost.

The world's most beautiful locations

Luxury Rooms, Restaurants, and More

Off Path Venues uses geodesic dome structures for all our rooms and accommodations. Each unit includes all the luxuries of a hotel room – private bathrooms with shower, flush toilets, Wifi, cozy wood stove, giant bay windows, hotel bedding, security safe – and many size options, from small two person domes to full suites for large families.

Off Path Venues Vendors

World-class service – we'll help pay

The best music, photos, and flowers

Not only does Off Path Venues provide you with a complimentary wedding planner, but we'll help you pay the bill for the top local and global photographers, entertainment, and service providers. No need to cut corners, hire the best!

Off Path

Your own private village surrounded by adventure and beautiful views



No venue fees when a minimum amount of rooms are booked. For each guest that stays with us, we'll refund part of your initial reservation fee.

Free wedding day meals and appetizers. Enjoy unlimited beer/wine for you and your guests throughout the evening.

No rental fees – we've got the lights, tables, chairs, sound system, and everything else you need to celebrate like a rockstar.

Our luxury accommodations are priced to save your guests money and keep everyone within walking distance of each other.

Off Path provides free transportation from nearby airports and cities. Free shuttles for local activities, tours, and adventures.

200 person capacity – bring your entire family and all your friends for a reunion that will set the new standard for fun.

Off Path helps you hire the best photographers and videographers around the world and pays part of your bill (or hire your own).

Choose from multiple locations to have your ceremony – from private chapels, on the beach, mountain views, and many more.

Weather proof – If bad weather moves in, we're ready to move your celebration indoors to keep you and your guests warm and dry.


Relax, Learn


In addition to luxury accommodations, restaurants, and bars, each Off Path Venue provides local activities and guided adventures so that you and your guests will always have something to do. Whether you want to relax and do nothing at all or challenge yourself to a new adventure, there's something for everybody and never a dull moment at Off Path Venues.

Off Path Adventures
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Horse Riding

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Wildlife Tours

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Private Beach

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Rock Climb

Camp Fun

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Baby Sitters

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Star Gazing

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Sunset Hike

And much, much more...