Benefits Off Path

Spend less and get the best

We’ll help you hire the best wedding professionals

Off Path has partnered with the best wedding service providers in the USA and around the world. Not only do we offer a curated list of the very best local and global professionals, but we’ll help you pay the bill by covering a portion of their charges. This means you’ll be able to hire the best and get more for each and every dollar you spend. These discounts can add up to several thousand dollars and are offered only to Off Path customers.

Photographers and Videographers

Without a doubt, hiring a photographer and videographer for your wedding is one of the most important choices that you’ll have to make. The memories they document that day will be with you for the rest of your life, so it’s worth it to make sure you’ve hired the best you can find.


To make sure this happens, we’ve partnered with some of the top photo and video experts in each local region and around the world. Even better, we’ll cover part of the bill! This means that you’ll be able to hire the best and get more photos – all for a great, affordable price. With Off Path Venues there’s no need to cut corners or worry about your budget – you really can have it all!

Music Off Path

DJs and Bands

We’ve partnered with some of the best DJs and bands around the world to make sure your wedding night is the party of your life. Since most locations have few sound ordinances or restrictions, we can party until the late hours of the night. Like our other vendor services, we’re happy to cover part of the bill so that you can hire your dream band/DJ. Let’s celebrate!

Off Path Hair

Hair and Makeup

Look your best by bringing in the top local hair and makeup artists. Choose from a wide selection of professionals in your local community or choose from top vendors from around the world. Whether you want someone just for yourself or your entire wedding party, we’ll help you cover the bill and provide access to the best talent available around the country.

Flowers Off Path

Florists and decorations

Off Path works with some of the most creative floral designers and interior decorators in the world. Whether you want something more traditional or a completely custom look/theme, we can work with you to turn your dreams into reality. If you don’t want to expensive floral displays, we also have several alternatives that can replace flower arrangements for a fraction of the price or even free! Ask us for more details.

Off Path Suit

The Black Tux Rentals

We’ve partnered with the black tux to provide designer suites and tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen at an exclusively low rate. Tuxes are mailed directly to each person 2 weeks before the wedding so everyone will have plenty of time to try them on and get replacements if needed. Simply mail them back when you’re done!

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Photobooth Off Path

Indoor/Outdoor Photo booths

We’ve got several photo booths at each Off Path location! This includes our unique outdoor photo areas where you and your guests can gather for photos with stunning backgrounds like the sunset, night sky, or mountain/coastal views. They’re complimentary for you and your guests and a great way to document the best celebration of your life! Get unlimited digital copies during your entire trip!