Featured Partner Program

Welcome to the team! The featured partner program at Off Path Venues was designed to make it easier for our customers to hire high-quality service providers for their wedding. Partner benefits:

  • Exclusive access to 30 venues and 4,000+ weddings a year (most on Fri, Sun, & Mon)
  • Pay no fees and keep 100% of every job (minus credit card fees, if any)
  • Get a free promotional video that you can use anywhere
  • Coupon code that pays you $1,000 for each wedding booked and gets clients an extra $500 off (share on social media – no need to be hired).
  • Annual training retreats/conferences led by world-class experts

We also pay between $500-800 of your client’s bill so you can book bigger, better paying jobs!

How it Works

Advanced Wedding Planning Software

As a featured partner, your profile and portfolio will be integrated into our custom wedding planning application (web and mobile). Your interactive profile will include an Off Path partner introductory video (see below), up to 20 photos, a short text description, and links to your full website/portfolio, social media accounts, and reviews. You can make yourself available at any or all of our worldwide locations.

When one of our clients expresses interest in hiring you, we’ll confirm your availability and put you in direct contact to discuss the details of their event. It is up to you and the client to agree to terms, pricing, and final deliverables. Our wedding planners will be available to assist as needed.

Fees and Pricing

What you charge for each job is between you and the client. After a client has decided to hire you, Off Path will confirm and book your time with a 35% down payment. The remaining 65% will be paid 2 months prior to the wedding date. Off Path does not charge any fees. You keep 100% of your quoted amount for each wedding or event (minus standard credit card processing fees – around 3%, if applicable).


Your status as a featured partner does not guarantee you job placements at our venues. Off Path reserves the right to cancel your participation in the program for any reason. This may include, but is not limited to, poor job performance, dissatisfied clients, tardiness, multiple last minute cancellations, and other work-related disruptions/disputes.

First Step – Video Introduction

After registering, you’ll be visited by one of our professional videographers to shoot a short video. This video will be the highlight of your profile and provides a quick introduction into who you, your approach/style, and your overall personality. Customers love these intimate, personal introductions far more than simple photos and text descriptions. (We only hire the best videographers – here’s an example of their work)

The videos are filmed as a casual interview – a friendly conversation between you and an off camera host – intercut with highlights from your portfolio and b-roll we shoot on-location. We like to have some fun with the direction and energy of the conversation. Just be yourself!


The video is completely free, but after a few no-shows, we’ve had to start requesting a small deposit to ensure participation and protect the time of our videographers (it’s expensive to make these videos!). We’ll collect $99 when you register and will add it to your account balance it in full if you show up to the agreed shoot date and location. You’ll be able to withdraw to your bank, Paypal account, or have a check mailed immediately.


Off Path will be launching with approximately 28 locations across the US. Each venue will have the capacity to host 3-4 weddings per week (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) – a national capacity of over 4,000 weddings per year. Partners in each region will be limited for each category.  All open spots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you miss the cutoff for your local area, we can add you to the waiting list in-case of future vacancies and openings.

BONUS – Referral and Affiliate Program

As a featured partner, we’ll provide you with a unique coupon code that will provide customers with a $500 discount on your services. We’ll cover the discount and send you the difference, so you’ll still make your full, quoted rate. We’ll also send you an additional $1,000 as a referral reward – whether or not you’re hired. This means that sharing your Off Path link on social media or in-person could easily earn you thousands in additional income each year, even if you don’t get hired for a single job. 50% of referrals are paid 61 days after booking and the remaining 50% 7 days after a successful event.

Apply Now


If your application is denied you’ll immediately receive a full refund


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What's the catch?

No catch at all. We can’t do this without the help of talented professionals and end up saving tens of thousands of dollars by contracting these jobs out (vs hiring full-time employees).

How can we offer service discounts and free venues?

Off Path makes its money on wedding guest accommodations, food/drink, and activities. Since each venue is in a fairly remote location, all wedding guests book rooms with us and buy food/drinks during their 5 day stay (standard length). We use part of the profits from guest purchases to provide free food, drinks, discounts, and venues for the wedding couple.

Why do you require a video?

The on-boarding process for the bride and groom is largely technology based and semi-automated. This means that couples can configure their wedding, hire partners, and explore every detail of their upcoming wedding using our online tools. To ensure that this experience doesn’t feel too mechanical, standardized, or impersonal, we’re creating beautiful videos for each step of the way. For our partners, we’re shooting each video like you’re right in-front of them – a personal address. This makes it feel like you’re talking directly to them and makes them feel like they really know who you are, from your personality to your skill and work ethic. The videos are very personal and designed to create an instant bond with the couples who are watching it. Feel free to share on social media or use it anywhere you’d like!

What does it cost to join?

There is no cost to join the Off Path featured partner program. We do look at your portfolio and search reviews as part of the application process, but once you’ve been approved there is no cost or fee or profit share required to book jobs at our venues.

**We have started charging a $99 deposit until the complimentary video shoot has been completed. This deposit ensures your participation and protects the time of our videographers. Deposits will be returned in full if you show up at the agreed meeting place and time for your shoot.

When do I meet the videographer?

After submitting your application and deposit, we’ll reach out to arrange a time and place for your video shoot. While we like to shoot on-location at your office or place of work, we can also arrange for you to stop by a local studio to have your video filmed there.

What should I wear and bring to the video shoot?

We recommend wearing a normal outfit that you would wear while working at a wedding. If you’d like to bring some equipment like a camera (photographers) or turn table (DJs), we will use it while shooting b-roll and getting “action shots” during your filming.

What questions will be asked during the interview?

The interviews are filmed very casually – just a normal conversation with you and the videographer. Questions may include:
  • Who you are and what do you offer?
  • Tell us about your work experience. What stands out?
  • Years in the business, awards/covers, special recognitions, travel, etc…
  • What particular thing do you do best?
  • What do clients love most about working with you?
  • What drives you? Why do you do this kind of work?
  • What do typical relationships and interactions with your clients look like?
  • Problems solved, customer feedback, amazing experiences, etc…
Again, to make sure that each video is unique and not overly standardized, we want this to be a friendly conversation. We’ll just talk for a while and see where the conversation goes.

How many weddings can I book each year?

If clients want to hire you and you’re available, you can book as many weddings as you’d like. Each location is designed to have 3-4 weddings every single week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday). This means that we’ll be having almost 5,000 weddings across all 30+ of our locations.

Can I book multiple weddings in row?

Yes, we’re happy to book you for 1-2 consecutive wedding days or even a full weekend if possible. You can also specify whether you’d like to offer a discount for multiple weddings in one weekend inside your profile settings.

Can I shoot my own video?

No. Unfortunately, we already tried this and the quality and content just wasn’t great. While we don’t want every video to be identical, we do need the quality to be high and for there to be a similar style across all vendors. It’s a big expense so we didn’t make this decision lightly.

Download a badge to place on your website, social media, business cards, in your office, or anyplace you’d like.

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