A safe place for you and your family


The spread of Covid-19 has forever changed how groups gather together – both legally and logistically. Lucky for us, Off Path was well situated to adapt to the concerns of our visitors and the requirements of local governments.

Limited, Small Groups – With limits on group sizes (20 rooms per booking segment, 40 rooms total) and sites organized for privacy, you and your family will have limited exposure to other visitors and our staff. While there may be another group staying with us at the time (depending on if you book 20 or the full 40 rooms), each accommodation block is located in separate areas to maximize togetherness, privacy, and health for you and your family.

Rooms – Each room is standalone and not connected to any other buildings. This means no shared air, walking spaces, or contact/touch points. Rooms for each booking are also grouped together so you’ll only be near family and friends for your wedding week.

Common Areas – We’ve expanded our sanitation and protection protocols at all our restaurants, bars, cafes, spas, lounges, and other public areas. Sanitizer is available everywhere you go and we’ve taken the utmost precautions to ensure you stay healthy.

Isolated – Off Path Venues are naturally isolated. There are no parts of the venue that are open to the public, which means visitors won’t be coming in and out on a regular basis.

Fresh Air – From rooms to wedding spaces, we don’t recirculate or even connect the air between buildings. The air we use is pulled from the outdoors – some of the freshest in the world.

Affordable – Perhaps more than anything else, Covid-19 has shown us how uncertain the near future can be. While we’ve always thought it was crazy to spend $30,000 on a wedding, it’s now more important than ever to save your money for a rainy day.

Comprehensive Wedding Insurance – We provide world-class insurance options for all our events – including guest rooms. We’d be happy to reschedule or send refunds for any pre-booking costs you or your guests incur if we have to cancel due to Covid-19. Learn more on our insurance page.