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Buy a house, not a wedding

Off Path Venues was created after attending weddings for years and starting to plan our own. Not only were there few options available near our dream location, but the costs just couldn’t be justified no matter where we decided to have it. Did we want to buy a house or have a wedding? Why were we being forced to make that decision?


With skyrocketing student loan debt, a hugely inflated housing market, and stagnant wages for decades, more and more young couples are being forced to put off having children and delay their lives – primarily because of financial reasons. There had to be a better way.


Then we noticed something. After traveling to a few weddings, we realized that not only were couples spending tens of thousands on their weddings, but guests were spending nearly as much attending. Furthermore, the costs were all spread out over multiple service providers – from hotels to restaurants and transportation.


Could we combine all these costs and services into one provider – consolidating without cutting corners? Was there a way to provide luxury accommodations, services, food, and world-class services at zero cost to the bride and groom? What if we could save guests money too? What if we could do it all while turning the normal one day wedding event into a multi-day celebration and vacation? Turns out, we could!


Simply put, our mission is to provide young couples their dream wedding without the costs or compromise. We want each wedding to be more exciting, more memorable, and be a smarter financial choice for everyone involved. Since we partner with local communities and investors in each location, we also hope to rejuvenate local communities with new, great paying jobs and additional tourism revenues – strengthening families and small towns, not big corporations. Join us!

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Off Path Venues was founded in 2018 to provide wedding couples with cost-free venues with an open bar, chef-prepared meals, complimentary wedding planners, and vendor credits in the world’s most beautiful locations. Host up to 200 guests with luxury accommodations, amazing views, and plenty of activities and adventures for your 4 night minimum booking. Turn your wedding into a bucket-list vacation for you and your guests – the best trip of their lives for the most important day of yours.

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Off Path Venues
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